Everything You Need To Know About South Facing House Design

images (31)A south facing house plan is believed to make you feel relaxed and be financially strong. When designing this house you should ensure that the door is situated in the south or at the 4th Pada of the south direction. The reason for this is because there is a strong believe that when the door faces south, it’s a sign of good omen.

You should ensure that the master bedroom and the over-head tank are located on south west corner. When designing the master bedroom you should be cautious that you don’t compromise the space for the front elevation design.

You should leave enough open space in the east and north sides. You should avoid leaving a lot of space in the south as it’s a sign of bad things. You should also avoid constructing a septic tank, water sump, garden or porch in the southwest direction.

Some of the best things to construct in the southwest direction is the office or shop. Locating the two in this direction is a sign that you will prosper and improve your financial situation as a proprietor. When designing the shop or office you should ensure that the south wall is much taller than the north wall. This is to bring in better results.

When it comes to the septic tank, you should construct it on the northern side of your house. To avoid contamination you should ensure that the septic tank is 15 feet away from water sump or borehole.

To avoid bad luck, the staircase should face south, west, southeast or northwest corner of your house. It should never be in the northeast corner of the house.

More things you need to do

If you are yet to buy a plot you should buy one that slopes from south to north. If you don’t know the directions of the area you should ask your architect to help you out.

You should locate the kitchen in the south-east or north-west corner. When cooking, you should face towards east or west.

If you like having a garden you should locate it in the southwest corner. You can plant trees in this direction, but you should ensure that they aren’t too tall covering your house.


Advantages of Natural Stone Cladding

download (89)Stone cladding is a method of covering the walls using synthetic or natural stone veneers. Everyone wants the latest happening thing, whether it is a smartphone or natural stone veneers! Trends never die as new products are invented pushing older ones to oblivion. People tear down old looks and install hyped products, bringing luxury to their homes forcing others to follow the trend to avoid looking out of touch. For those with budget constraints natural stone cladding is the smart renovation option that saves money and beautifies homes too.

Stones are not only beautiful construction materials, but also investments as they enhance the resale value of your home. You may be surprised that even tenants look for homes with modern amenities and trendy designs. However, using natural stone veneers excessively is also not advised as they make your home look crowded. Installing only where they are required is a sensible option which saves time, money, and also makes your home look exquisite.

Stone claddings help you access luxury at lesser cost and keep up with the times. Here are some advantages that go along with these revamping materials.

Protection from weather

Constructions made of concrete are vulnerable to the action of environmental agents such water, heat, and microorganisms. Covering the walls using stone veneers shields your wall from degrading agents and makes it look exquisite.

Beautify walls affordable

Numerous color combinations and features make stone veneers the attractive choices for homes. Stone wall clads are an inexpensive way to give your walls, the most beautiful revamp.

Heat resistance

Natural stones absorb radiation and release them gradually, keeping the room temperature constant, helping you avoid dependence on room heaters. When used outdoors, they resist temperature well and remain strong for years.


Stone cladding are non-porous materials which protect your walls against attacks of environmental agents, thus enhancing the life of your walls.


Stone cladding are composites of stone pieces glued together as tiles. Stone claddings can also be man-made, usually of concrete, resembling the looks of materials such as wood, stones, ceramic, etc.

Easy customizable

Unlike stone, tiles are easier to cut and customize, saving you of troubles of heavy cutting work.

Light on walls

Stone tiles are heavy and many times not viable options for old buildings. In earthquake prone zones they are not advisable the construction becomes vulnerable to damage and are lighter with look good as well.

Enhances life

By protecting your wall against moisture and degrading agents, natural stone veneers add years to your construction.

Low cost

Cheaper compared to stones, but they are in no way less attractive.

Stone cladding is the latest trend among home owners that is sure to stay for some time. These are cost-effective ways to transform your home with little efforts and money. They enhance the life of your home and are safe options for constructions in vulnerable zones.


Rules And Regulations To Follow When Designing Them

images (30)A west facing house is a house with the main door facing west. Just like when designing any other house, you should follow a set of rules and regulations when designing this house. This is to avoid health, financial and legal matters.

Rule and regulations

Entrance: you should place the entrance in the 3rd, 4th, and 6th padas. If the space is small you should place it in the 1st and 2nd padas. You should never locate the entrance in the 7th, 8th and 9th padas.

Plot: many people buy their plots blindly without caring the directions that they are facing, but this shouldn’t be you. The plot you buy should slope from south to north. A plot sloping in that direction considered more auspicious.

You should never buy a plot with an extension in the south or SW direction. You should also avoid a plot that is higher in North than south.

Kitchen: this is the place where you make your meals and placing it the wrong direction may bring about health problems. You should place the kitchen in the SE or NW direction. As rule of thumb you should never locate the kitchen in the SW direction.

Rooms: unless you are constructing a one room house you should be cautious of the direction that the different rooms face. The living room and Pooja rooms should face the NE direction. The kids’ rooms can face west, south or North-west.

When it comes to the bedrooms, the master bedroom should face SW direction. If your house has several floors, you should locate the master bedroom in the highest floor. The guest bedroom should face North-west.

Walls: the walls should be well constructed and strong. For a great look the walls in the south and west should be thicker and higher than those in east and north.

Borehole: it supplies you with the much needed water thus you should located it in an area that is free of pollution. This calls for you to locate the borehole away from sewer lines and dust bins. You can locate it in any direction of your house, but you should never locate it in the SW direction.


These are the rules and regulations that you should follow when designing a west facing house. You should work with an experienced architect who not only understands the rules, he/she should also understand the building codes in the area. This is to protect your house from getting demolished by the local authorities.

Tips On How To Come Up With Great House Plans

download (88)Are you constructing a house? Here are tips on how to come up with a great house plan:

Get a good architect

The architect will make or break your house plan; therefore, for you to have a great looking house you should work with a certified and experienced professional. The professional will not only design a beautiful house, he/she will also help you in coming up with a design that is affordable.


The sun rise direction brings optimistic energy. As you probably know, the sun rises from the east; therefore, this is the best direction to locate the door. Another great direction for the entrance is North East.

You should avoid locating the entrance in the South West direction as the direction is said to bring about negative energies. South is said to cause disagreements and arguments; therefore, you should avoid facing the door this direction.

Master bedroom

This is the place you spend most of your time when you aren’t at work; therefore, it should be located at a good place free of smells and noise. The location of the house depends on the design of your house. For example, if you have an east-facing house, the master bedroom should be in the South West corner.

To allow maximum opportunities into your life you should ensure that the door to the bedroom opens at least 90 degrees.

To provide yourself with privacy and protection you should ensure that the bedroom door is strong and solid.


Regardless of the design of your house, the best direction for your kitchen is South-East. For the food to be of benefit to you and your family you should cook while facing East. Cooking while facing east is also said to bring prosperity and happiness.

Living room

This is where the family members meet to talk and have meals. You should locate the room in the north-east direction as these directions attract good vibrations. It’s believed that a living room facing this direction keeps your family remains harmonious and there’s no discord.

When it comes to doors, they should face north as this is the direction that has all the magnetic control.


The toilet should be located in the North-West corner of rooms or house. You can also construct it in the South East direction. When constructing it you should ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with water or kitchen.


These are tips on how to come up with great house designs. As mentioned, you should work closely with your architect in order to come up with great house plans.