Role Of Architects With Respect To House Designs

download (87)If this is the first time that you are undertaking a construction project you most likely haven’t come across architects. An architect is a very valuable person in the construction of your house. Some of the roles of the professional include:


This is what architects are known for. They listen to your needs and come up with detailed drawings about your house. To test the feasibility of house design, the professionals use advanced technological tools such as CAD and many others.

When you visit an architect, the professional will listen to your needs and depending on the location of your plot and the local construction codes, he/she will come up with a design of your house.


Before the professional can make a drawing of your house he/she has to do a lot of research. The professional has to research on the rules and regulations of construction in the area that you are planning of constructing your house.

Different areas have different regulations and the professional will research these rules and understand how they impact the design ideas that you have.

The professional will also do research in order to come up with an estimate of the cost of construction. Here the professional has to contact different contractors and enquire on their charges.

The professional will also visit different retail and wholesale stores and find out the cost of different construction materials.


Since you aren’t experienced in house construction it’s the responsibility of the architect to advice you on areas that you don’t understand. The professional should advice you on the best design that you should go for. The professional should also advice you on the direction that your house should face.

If you are going to hire a contractor, the architect should offer advice on the best contractor to work with and the best stores to purchase the building materials.


Many people think that the work of an architect ends with drawings, but this isn’t the case. It’s the responsibility of the professional to supervise the construction and ensure that it’s being constructed according to plan.

The professional should visit the construction site regularly and ensure that the contractor is following the design on the plan.


These are some of the roles of an architect in the construction of your house. To enjoy all the services offered by the architect you should hire an experienced professional.